Firefox 18 Says Goodbye To The Animated Themes

By | December 12, 2012

Firefox 18 Says Goodbye To The Animated ThemesFor better or worse, the upcoming Firefox 18 release will no longer support distracting themes.

As of now, the current theme implementation requires loading massive images (300 x 200px for headers and 3000 x 100px for footers), resulting in slower startup times. Not only that but when you start animating data, things get even worse. Therefore, Mozilla has come up with a solution: disable animated themes and crop images during startup that match the screen resolution.

Honestly, who uses these animated themes?

[Via: Neowin]

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  1. Rudradeep says:

    In India no one is using Firefox !! Everyone moved to Chrome!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because they’re retarded.

    • dwightstegall says:

      Using Chrome is a great idea if you like being tracked everywhere you go on the web. Personally I hate that and use Firefox because it allows me block individual cookies I don’t want. Chrome has that feature but it has never worked. I only allow cookies from sites where I have login accounts. This way I don’t have to scan my hard drive for Adware Tracking Cookies. I also use the Ghostery add-on to block thousands of trackers.

      • PC`EliTiST says:

        Mozilla is tracking you likewise, but you count on the fact that they won’t sell your data. I currently believe it too. But in a while, when Fx will be as “small” as Opera, when they won’t be able to get 3 billion dollars contract by Google, be sure they will start selling just fine.

    • Rigsang says:

      a lot of us use firefox, along with chrome.

    • ff4india says:

      Talk for yourself. Chrome/ium is bullsh*it for those who like control over their browsers. Maybe most of us Indians are idiots, but at least I am not.

    • Akshay says:

      You can’t say that “Everyone moved to Chrome”.That’s pure false.

  2. dwightstegall says:

    I have been using Firefox since it was first released and I didn’t even know animated themes existed. :(