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2007 August Browsers Market Share Results

By | September 2, 2007 | 1 Comment

Browsers Market ShareAugust is over and we have August browsers market share results. See July results here.

Last 4 months Internet Explorer managed to increase its market share, however, this month it lost some market share and slipped from 78.98 to 78.68% (0.27% decrease).

This month is good for Firefox fans, this browser increased its market share from 14.37% to 14.67% (0.3% increase).

Safari keeps increasing its market share as well, this time from 4.56% to 4.68% (0.12% increase).

Last month Opera lost some market share as well as this one, from 0.89% to 0.88% (0.01% decrease).

Netscape keeps losing its market share, this time from 0.75% to 0.71% (0.04% decrease).

Not a big surprise, Opera Mini gains more and more market share every month, this time from 0.24% to 0.27% (0.03% increase).

Here’s a graph of current browsers market share. Thanks to HitsLink.

Market Share 2007 August

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Maxthon 2.0.3 RC Released

By | August 23, 2007 | 0 Comments

It’s about time for some news from not so big guys. Maxthon team just released Maxthon 2.0.3 RC.

I’ve just downloaded this version as really haven’t ever tried Maxthon 2 (only MyIE long time ago) and I like it so far. Interface is really cute as well. Here’s a screenshot of Maxthon 2.0.3 RC:

Maxthon 2 Screenshot
Click to enlarge.

This new build includes lots of bug fixes as well as some new features. Here’s a complete list of changes:

  • New Security Guardian
  • New Screen Capture
  • Sniffer bug for wma file format
  • Active tab for undo and URL Key
  • Super Drag&Drop may use external download mananger
  • Scrollbar can be clicked in block page content mode
  • Drawing bug in Security Guardian dialog
  • Added Clean Feed History and Search History in Clean Browser History
  • Use Enter key to open the Favorites item wich has the focus
  • Close Resume List tab when all links in Resume List are clicked (The “Auto Close” option must be checked)
  • Delete Search History in History page
  • Enter in Address Bar will not open new tab if the url hasn’t changed
  • Added site range selection in Block Page Content
  • Click on Links will have no effect while in Block Page Content mode
  • Automatically upload modified Favorites when exit
  • Re-organized Right-click menu on Favorites
  • Resume List lost when program crash
  • Super Drag&Drop can not download file problem on some websites
  • Several issues that might cause crash
  • Blank images not remove with Ad Hunter
  • Issues that prevent set Maxthon as default browser (including issues on Windows Vista)
  • Referer error with Flashget while multi-thread tab is on
  • Not show start page when opened by external call
  • Improved download method of Favicons
  • File Sniffer won’t sniff WMA format
  • Issues that occur with invalid file format settings
  • Issues that affect website filtre range
  • “Dont’ remind me for 1 week” won’t work in Update Notification dialog
  • Crash when delete blank website item in Content Filter black list.
  • “Check Links” in Favorites sidebar might cause all links in sidebar disappear
  • Initialization failure when start Maxthon with invalid URLs
  • Click Cancel in Screen Capture Options might cause capture page fail
  • Clean Profile Data flaw in Login dialog
  • Can not select buttons in Add/Remove Button menu on Single-line Favorites Bar, and Hot Items’ name is aa
  • Press Esc key in Ad Hunter > Edit Filter List dialog causes dialog turns gray
  • Redirect in current page might cause Address Bar refresh
  • Strange behavior of the Close button of Check Updates dialog
  • Resize Check Updates dialog cause strange lines
  • Maximum Open Tabs number is not correct
  • Favicons display problem in several circumstance
  • Display problem after selecting search engine
  • Delete selected Proxy might cause display error on Proxy status
  • Edit Content Filter Black List & White list will only save displayed one
  • Repeat “Capture Current Page” might cause file name error
  • Clean Browser History in Safety Menu can not clean Feed history
  • Issues when operate Favorites bar with keyboard
  • Fixed a bug when overwrite Favorites
  • Super Drag&Drop might cause Open Favorites Items in Background fail when Activate New Tab is checked
  • Combobox is not resizable in “Lock Toolbar” mode
  • Can not use Ctrl+Arraw to change tabs
  • Resume List not saved at crash

This is not a final version. Use it on your own risk.

Download Now.

Why Firefox Is Blocked?

By | August 21, 2007 | 2 Comments

It’s all about ads blocker…

You’ve reached this page because the site you were trying to visit now blocks the FireFox browser.

And here’s why:

Software that blocks all advertisement is an infringement of the rights of web site owners and developers. Numerous web sites exist in order to provide quality content in exchange for displaying ads. Accessing the content while blocking the ads, therefore would be no less than stealing. Millions of hard working people are being robbed of their time and effort by this type of software.

This is interesting but it won’t change anything.

P.S. Not only Firefox can block ads. Will it block those too?

Adobe Flash Player (Moviestar) Beta

By | August 21, 2007 | 0 Comments

Adobe Flash Player is one of the most popular software among web browsers users.

Adobe Moviestart (Beta goes later today) will support H.264 (better video quality) , HE-AAC (better audio quality) and hardware accelerator for web video.

You will be able to download it from I am waiting for it as well as you do.

Browser Of The Month – What Should It Have?

By | August 21, 2007 | 5 Comments

Sooner or later we will have new web browser release. Probably Firefox 3, Safari 3 and Opera 9.5, those and Internet Explorer 7 will be reviewed so we could pick our “Browser of the Month”.

But before reviewing, let me ask: What should that “Browser of the Month” have?

I want to use as many factors as possible in the upcoming review. If you have any, please post them in comments. Till now I will post just some obvious ones.

Performance, security, low resources usage, not overloaded user interface, ease of use, inline spell check (I think that’s important) and easy updating.

Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 3 Released

By | August 16, 2007 | 0 Comments

Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 3 was just released, this version includes nice amount of changes and fixes. Here’s the changelog:

  • New preferences in Tabs panel of Preferences dialog
  • Added “Link Pad” to the “Clear Private Data” dialog
  • Fixed issue with Link Pad icon blinking indefinitely
  • Added News preferences to pane of Preferences dialog
  • Fixed bug with feed processor that was causing both a memory leak and excessive CPU usage
  • Added tab preference for opening bookmarks
  • Added tab preference for links opened by integrated components
  • Changed URL correction confirmation to be enabled by default
  • Fixed bug in URL correction that was interrupting the auto-addition of “www” and “.com”
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Confirm correcitons” item in the Location bar’s context menu to be hidden
  • Added button in preferences to easily disable integration
  • Various performance fixes

Download now.

Google Browser, How Soon?

By | August 15, 2007 | 0 Comments

Seems Google wants to dominate everywhere and might join web browser wars someday.

There always been some rumors, but there is something going on for sure. Here are some facts:

Chris Silver Smith pointed that Google already registered domain.

Ryan Naraine reported that Google hired a browser hacking guru.

They also have some deals with Firefox already and not so long time ago (April 2007) Michael Arrington wrote:

Maxthon Browser has sold a minority stake to Google. The total investment size is rumored to be around $1 million.

So… How soon and what can we expect from it?

2007 July Browsers Market Share Results

By | August 1, 2007 | 2 Comments

It’s about time. Right, new market share results. See June results here.

Shall we begin?

Internet Explorer market share keeps growing. From 78.84% to 78.98% (0.14% increase). Wonder if it will reach 80% or not.

In the previous month Firefox increased it’s market share by 0.01%. However, this month they have lost a bit of it. From 14.55% to 14.37% (0.18% decrease).

And how’s Safari doing? Very well I guess. In the previous month Safari lost some market share, but with an iPhone and other stuff they managed to increase their market share. From 4.49% to 4.56% (0.07% increase).

Last month Opera managed to reach highest it’s market share ever (0.91%). But this month Opera lost some of it. From 0.91% to 0.89% (0.02% decrease).

Netscape browser keeps losing it’s market share. From 0.78% to 0.75% (0.03% decrease). Last month lost some too.

And yes, Opera Mini continues growing. From 0.21% to 0.24% (0.03% increase).

Here’s a graph of current browsers market share. Thanks to HitsLink.

Web Browsers Market Share. July 2007

Do You Like Your Web Browser? Show Us How You Like It

By | July 30, 2007 | 0 Comments

Web browsers won’t be so popular without their greatest fans, spreading the word all over the world. So how about we have a fans section, where you could send pictures and/or photos with your favorite web browser. Do you have a poster in your bedroom with Internet Explorer logo? Take a picture and send it to my email, we will publish it here. Do you have some stickers with Safari logo on your laptop? Again, take a picture and send it to my email. Or maybe you have just bought new Firefox or Opera T-Shirts? Take a picture and send that too.


Sorry, no prizes (unless you want to give them :-)) But as long as you will send fans stuff, I will keep posting them here.

Why It’s Not Enough To Have All The Greatest Features

By | July 28, 2007 | 7 Comments

Web BrowsersIt’s pretty obvious that we all want fast and feature rich browsers. That isn’t exactly a secret, therefore, I’d like to talk about some of the “harmful” effects and why it’s not enough to have all the greatest features.

OK, let’s go straight to the point.

Why it’s not enough? Imagine that there is a new web browser, FavBrowser 1.0. It’s brand new, only people who are reading this blog know about it. So it gets like 10 000 downloads, well… That’s good, right? NO. You see, let’s say that FavBrowser 1.0 is the world’s most secure browser, also with some of the most stunning features and just the best one there is. Is this good? No. It’s actually bad. Why?

10 000 users are using this web browser… Browser receives a market share of 0.00001% or something like this, and what the other web browser developers do? They take most popular FavBrowser features and integrate them into their web browsers…

What’s then? They are popular web browsers, so they get huge boost and lots of attention, market share grows… While FavBrowser 1.0 gets less attention, other web browser’s market share is already gaining very fast (with “stolen” features). So I am developing FavBrowser 2.0 and I have better greatest ideas. I release it, same happens again, I get market share of 0.00002%, other web browser developers steal my features again and what’s then? That makes it almost impossible to compete with them anymore, they are gaining market share very fast, I am out of ideas, FavBrowser 2.0 dies…

I am not sure if you got my point, so will try to explain. What did I wrong? I should get investors, buy advertising, get lots of attention and that’s all… So my point is: it’s not enough to have all the greatest features, it’s enough to develop a good marketing strategy. With no advertising good products will die, and with good advertising even the worst products will be popular.