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Weekly Browsers Recap, August 2nd

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Weekly Browsers Recap, August 2nd

Leaked IE9 Screenshots: Download Manager, Speed Dial
Earlier this week, Microsoft has confirmed Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta launch for September.

Firefox 4 Beta 2 Released
Mozilla has recently announced the availability of Firefox 4 Beta 2 web browser which can be downloaded…
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Opera Mini Served 1 Billion Page Views per Day

By | July 30, 2010 | 6 Comments

Opera Mini Served 1 Billion Page Views per DayYesterday Opera Software has announced that on July 25, 2010, Opera Mini users have generated more than 1 billion page views.

Over the last few years, Opera Mini grew significantly, processing just about 100 million page views in June 2008, it now serves more than 910 million pages per day.

“Crossing one billion pages views in a day is further proof that people desire the best Internet experience, no matter where they live or what device they use.” said Jon von Tetzchner, the co-founder of Opera Software.


Weekly Browsers Recap, July 26th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, July 26th

Internet Explorer 9 to be the Fastest and Safest Web Browser
Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner has made a bold statement, saying that Internet Explorer 9 will not only be the safest…

Firefox 3.6.8 Released
Recently Mozilla has released one more update for Firefox 3.6.x branch web browser that fixes 1 bug.

Mozilla Bumps Cash Rewards for Security Vulnerabilities Reports
In what appears to be a great benefit for Firefox users, Mozilla has recently bumped its cash rewards salary from mere $500 to $3000.
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Opera Mobile 10.1 Labs for Maemo Released

By | July 21, 2010 | 8 Comments

Opera Mobile 10.1 Labs for Maemo ReleasedAs Opera Software prepares the next version of Opera Mobile, company has just announced the availability of version 10.1 Labs for Maemo devices.

The following release brings JIT support for JavaScript engine (which makes it the fastest JS Engine on Maemo platform), also GeoLocation and power management support as well as other features and improvements.

Please note: Labs releases contain a variety of well known and unknown issues, be sure to check them in the following page.

Hopefully, Windows Mobile version will be released shortly.



Weekly Browsers Recap, July 19th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, July 19th

Firefox Home App Approved by Apple
Few weeks ago, Mozilla has submitted Firefox Home to Apple’s App Store and today, it was finally approved.

Mozilla Removes Password Sniffer Add-On
It looks like Mozilla has decided to remove and block “Mozilla Sniffer” add-on from website after its review.
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Opera Mini 5.1 Final for Android Released

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Opera Mini 5.1 Final for Android ReleasedAfter releasing the final version of Opera Mini 5.1 for a bunch of Java supporting phones and BlackBerry devices, Opera Software has just finalized its Android and made it available for you to download.

One of the new features in version 5.1 is improved rendering for high-resolution devices, such as HTC EVO 4G or Motorola Droid X.

They also have improved kinetic scrolling and added ability to set Opera Mini as your default web browser.



An Interview with Mozilla’s Christopher Blizzard

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An Interview with Mozilla's Christopher BlizzardGizmodo has sat down with Christopher Blizzard, Mozilla’s Director of Developer Relations to discuss the future of Firefox it’s competitors and browsers in general.

Furthermore, he confirmed that company is not going to develop Firefox for Windows Mobile/Phone 7 anytime soon.



Opera Mini 5.1 Now Available

By | July 8, 2010 | 1 Comment

Opera Mini 5.1 Now Available

Opera Software has released a new stable version of Opera Mini web browser that is 5.1.

This updated is mostly targeted at low end devices that have a screen resolution lower than 200 pixels or low memory capacity (4 MB+-).

Basically, if your phone does not meet mentioned requirements, Opera Mini will automatically switch to a new skin that lowers memory footprint. Therefore, enhancing user experience and reducing a number of “out of memory” error messages.

In addition, Opera Mini team has also added a new a keypad shortcut that allows you switching from/to Mobile View (*0).



How to Remove Text from Opera Menu

By | July 6, 2010 | 3 Comments

How to Remove Text from Opera MenuIf you would like to remove text from Opera’s O menu, follow these simple steps:

Right-Click on the O Menu
Go to Customize > Appearance
Check Toolbars tab and change Style to Images only
Click OK

Via My Opera.


Weekly Browsers Recap, July 5th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, July 5th

IE6 is “Safer” than Chrome or Opera
US Bank Chase has decided to stop supporting Opera and Chrome web browsers, implying security issues and low popularity.

June, 2010 – Internet Explorer Gains Market Share; Firefox, Opera – Loses
As yet another month has passed by, it’s time to find out, how browsers market share has evolved over past 30 days.
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