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Social Network For Software Users

By | July 8, 2007 | 0 Comments

If you enjoy using social networks this might be interesting then. is a social network for software users (more likely fans), so if you are a big fan of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape or what’s so ever, feel free to join there.

I am not sure, what’s the point to join those groups, as all I read was: “I love this browser, the best of the best”, etc… But hey, that’s only my opinion.

Internet Explorer is in the 1st place.
Firefox is in the 2nd place.
Opera is in the 3rd place.
Safari remains 6th. And Opera (Part II)

By | July 7, 2007 | 0 Comments

Yesterday I’ve posted an article “ Removes Opera?” and would like to update you.

Johann from explained, that they haven’t removed Opera from the website, it’s just because not all the screenshot making machines (with different operating systems and browsers) working all the time.

Thanks Johann.

Visit Removes Opera?

By | July 6, 2007 | 0 Comments

Today I was taking some screenshots using (read more about it here) and noticed that they have added some extra browsers BUT removed Opera 9.21.

Current list looks like this:

Firebird 0.6
Firebird 0.7
Firefox 1.0
Firefox 1.5
Firefox 2.0
Firefox 3.0
Flock 0.7
Iceweasel 2.0
Konqueror 3.5
Mozilla 1.0
Mozilla 1.1
Mozilla 1.2
Mozilla 1.3
Mozilla 1.4
Mozilla 1.5
Mozilla 1.6
Mozilla 1.7
Navigator 4.8
Phoenix 0.1
Phoenix 0.2
Phoenix 0.3
Phoenix 0.4
Phoenix 0.5
SeaMonkey 1.0
SeaMonkey 1.1
Firefox 1.5
Firefox 2.0
MSIE 5.0
MSIE 5.5
MSIE 6.0
MSIE 7.0
Firefox 2.0
Safari 2.0

I wonder if they are just upgrading script or removed for some unknown reasons.

Opera 9.22 Released

By | July 6, 2007 | 6 Comments

I bet everyone expected to see first Opera 9.5 releases, but you will have to wait more. Till now, I have some good news for Opera current and potential users. Opera 9.22 was just released.

Opera 9.22 fixed the following issues:

Bolding in fonts in toolbars and analogs works now.

Also, here are some minor features and upgrades for you:

Microsoft Silverlight plugin now works in Opera.
Bit Torrent upgrade, for example: big files downloading improvements.

UNIX Specified Upgrades:

Shared memory is turned off by default now.


Windows MSI
Windows Classic

Please note: this is not a final release, it’s just another weekly version. Use it on your own risk or just wait for the final release.

Opera Users Information

By | July 6, 2007 | 2 Comments

Very long time ago Opera team offered an ability to enable or disable “Usage Statistics Report”, which reports preferences, features usage and so on, today we have some results.

Quite a few users are using widgets.

Features like “Fit to width” and “Open windows instead of tabs” are not very popular. When I am using Opera, I don’t use them as well.

51% of the Opera users (who shares usage statistics) change their home page.

Status bar seems very popular feature, not a big surprise. Everyone loves it.

A lot of people using tons of bookmarks, over 300 and more, average bookmarks folder is 17.

This kind of usage statistics sharing is pretty good I think. Now they know where they wasted time by adding some no needed features and where they should concentrate more.

Opera’s Speed Dial

By | July 4, 2007 | 2 Comments

Recently I’ve heard that Opera’s Speed Dial is being copied not only by Firefox users, but also by other companies and just thought, why is this function so special? When I was surfing using Opera, I always had this function turned off, as I love clean browsing.

However, yesterday I’ve decided to try it. Guess what? Now it’s one of my favorite features. I don’t have to type, let’s say first letter in the address bar in order to see the site which I want to visit, now I am just click one click away from it. So it saves some time and I love it.

If you haven’t tried Speed Dial yet (or ignored it as I did), just give it a try, you may thank me latter.

Speed Dial

Download Opera with Speed Dial. Download Firefox Speed Dial add-on.

Opera Mini Dimension Receives New Banners

By | June 29, 2007 | 0 Comments

If you like to promote your favorite products and Opera Mini is one of them, check it now, now you have some new banners to promote Opera Mini Dimension.

Dimension - A new version of Opera Mini

And a few more, you can check them here.

BlackBerry Browser vs. Opera Mini

By | June 27, 2007 | 0 Comments

What? BlackBerry Browser??? That’s right. BlackBerry Browser is currently in development and it’s planned for BlackBerry Pearl 2 or so.

There should be some really cool features, well… Actually I know only one now which is really exciting, it’s a tabbed browsing.

Here are some screenshots of the BlackBerry Browser.

BlackBerry Browser Screenshot 1

BlackBerry Browser Screenshot 2

BlackBerry Browser Screenshot 3

Althought it’s currently lacks of interface but looks promising. You may also vote in the ZDNet poll: New BlackBerry browser or Opera Mini?

Download Free Nintendo Wii Opera Browser

By | June 27, 2007 | 22 Comments

If you own a great Nintendo Wii device and haven’t tried Opera for Wii yet, make sure you try it now for free, as on Sunday it will cost 5 USD (500 Wii points).

You can do so many cool things with it. Watch Youtube videos, play flash games and just surf the net.

Learn more about Wii Opera powered browser here.

My day with Opera Mini Dimension Beta

By | June 22, 2007 | 2 Comments

As you know or not, Opera is running a competition called “A day with Opera Mini”.

Opera Mini Logo

OK, so I’ve charged my mobile phone a bit and launched Opera Mini Dimension Beta.

Firstly I thought about writing everything in my blog via Opera Mini, but looks like it’s not yet compatible with WordPress. I was unable to publish or save drafts, got time out error all the time and also, some problems with lower and upper case letters, I was actually writing “some text”, but Opera Mini 4 always changed it to “Some Text”.
So here’s it is. I’ve decided not to use PC while I am surfing web pages. Will be using Opera Mini all time. I will try to prove that it can be fun to use. So far found 3 bugs only plus sometimes I keep getting “Error” when loading url.
OK, So it’s midnight now and I am still surfing using Opera Mini, since all my day work already done, I am “Googling” for Opera Mini news  Some are really funny and made my day. Not much to do I guess… I am pretty happy with Opera Mini, just would like some bugs to be fixed.
Here’s a list of the bugs I found:

1. Can’t do stuff in WordPress admin area.
2. Somehow I see no images.
3. Problems with text typing (noticed in WordPress only).
4. When posting a comment, it just “reloads” page (but typed text and name stays) so I have to do click it second time.
5. Wasn’t been able to zoom out in and couldn’t see any cursor.
6. Sometimes when I re-loaded page, wasn’t been able to zoom it out.
7. when tried to navigate via quick navigation, after selected a category, page re-loaded.
8. Error
9. Some problems with Quick Login (IPB Forums system).
10. Cookies problems, even I marked “remember me”, it never did that (old version did).
11. “Check Box” component seems not works, I check it, and Opera Mini starts to load something…

I don’t know basically what I had to write there, but I think such contests are being made for bugs hunt. I really can do almost all the things I want (will be able to do anything after final release) with new Opera Mini, really love it. So give me my phone now ;-)
I also wish to have an ability to see URL once “mouse over” on URL and so on… Ok so it’s 3:40 AM, my phone just died and I am going to sleep now. Bit tired I guess…

In the next morning many people told me that I am crazy, not only because I went sleep so late/early, but because I did that for Opera Mini. That’s cool. If helping everyone to enjoy better web browsing makes me crazy, let it be!

Glad I didn’t forget to save this text. I did all what I could to explore as many bugs as I could. The fact is fact:

Yes, you can and you will enjoy a full web browsing with Opera Mini Dimension.

Opera Team should promote this contest harder.