August, 2009 – IE, Chrome and Safari Market Share Goes Up; Firefox, Opera – Down

By | September 2, 2009

How market share data changed since last report? Let’s find out.

Surprisingly, Internet Explorer has increased its market share by 0.21, from 58.69% to 58.9%.

Firefox has lost small chunk of market share and fell from 31.28% to 31.17% (0.12 decrease).

Chrome user base keeps growing, this time it went up by 0.04, from 3.38% to 3.42%.

Just like Firefox, Opera has also lost some market share. It went down from 2.67% 2.42% (0.25 decrease).

Safari continues its growth and went up by another 0.13 points, from 3.25% to 3.38%.

August, 2009 – IE, Chrome and Safari Market Share Goes Up; Firefox, Opera - Down

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  1. Wilmer says:

    Your interpretations are wrong. You can’t include data from time intervals that are not finished yet. You compare market shares from August to those from September. But as September just has begun, these shares only reflect the first two days of September which happen to be weekdays where as usual market share of IE is higher because of companies forcing their employees the stick with this browser. So comparing data from August and September is nonsense.
    What you CAN compare is how shares changed from July to August, because now August is over, hence you can compare two entire months. And what you see is all shares rise except those of IE. Look at this:
    It’s kind of misleading of statcounter to present data of months that are not finished as default.


    • You are correct.

      However, as you can see from graph, I am reporting market share up to 1st day of September and not whole month.

      • WilmerHo says:

        I don’t agree. You can not tell from the graph that it just includes data of September 1st. You can just tell that by knowing that the day of posting was September 2nd. Moreover, in your title you mention August which indicates that it’s about new data from this month – and that’s what everybody else does when writing about statistics and market shares, even Asa Dotzler:
        Anyway, it does not make ANY sense to compare accumulated data of one month to data of just one day. Just have a look at those daily statistics and you see how shares change in the course of a week:
        There are fluctuations of up to 3%, so what sense does it make to talk about those tiny changes you made out in your August/September comparison?

  2. Thoe says:

    Uh, Opera’s claimed market share (according to SC) went up from 2.64% in July, to 2.67% in August.

    Why do you always twist the numbers so that they look as bad as possible for Opera, Vygantas?

    • Somebody says:

      I agree.I checked the stats and Opera’s share actually went up a little. Vygantas, i think you need to correct it.