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Opera Software updated their web page with a new design.

Opera New Design

What do you think about it?

I prefer old version, even it needs some improvements and navigation. Old Design

They are giving too much attention to Opera Mini (which already got it), while their Desktop version is somewhere “outside”. If they would cancel Opera Desktop Browser development, this design would be good, but now… I don’t know… Silver navigation doesn’t (which looks very old) fit with that (too big) Opera Mini promotional image. While 1028*768 and lower resolution users don’t see anything about their Desktop versio at all (without scrolling). I think that’s a bad move and design should be changed.

YouTube Live on Apple TV; Coming to iPhone on June 29

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While we are waiting for “Opera Software” Flash replacement, Apple today announced, that their new product (iPhone) users will be able to play YouTube videos.

“A new Apple-designed application on iPhone will wirelessly stream YouTube’s content to iPhone over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks and play it on iPhone’s stunning 3.5 inch display.”

“iPhone delivers the best YouTube mobile experience by far,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Now users can enjoy YouTube wherever they are—on their iPhone, on their Mac or on a widescreen TV in their living room with Apple TV.”

Want to buy an iPhone already?

Short Information for Web Developers

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If you are developing a web site, you should already know that the more web browsers renders it correctly, better it is for you and your visitors.

I would like to suggest a tool/site called

If you don’t want to install every web browser in your computer, buy Mac and/or PC this site will help you a lot.

So what does it do? It takes a screenshot of your web and shows how each web browser renderds it. You can select screen resolution, color depth, JavaScript, Java, Macromedia Flash, media plugins and web browsers which includes:


  • Firefox 2.0
  • Safari 1.3
  • Safari 2.0
  • Safari 3.0


  • Firefox 2.0
  • Iceweasel 2.0
  • Konqueror 3.5
  • Opera 9.21


  • Firefox 1.5
  • Firefox 2.0
  • MSIE 5.0
  • MSIE 5.5
  • MSIE 6.0
  • MSIE 7.0

I hope this will help you to develope web browsers friendly web pages. Good luck.

I’ve checked and after removed YouTube video (which cause some problems with Firefox on Linux), seems that it renders correctly in every web browser.

Now you can make web browser friendly pages. Good Luck.

Opera Mini 4 Beta Simulator

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If you are having problems by using Opera Mini 4 Beta in your mobile phone (while Opera team fixing that), you may try Opera Mini 4 Beta Simulator which works exactly like it would when installed on a handset.

Opera Mini 4 Beta Simulator

Glubble – New Firefox Tool for Parents

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Just a few moments ago Glubble was released. So what is it? Glubble turns Firefox into a multi-user, family browser and is designed to create an Internet world you can trust for young kids based on family participation browser to browser.

Firefox Tool. Glubble.

  • Glubble Trusted Surfing for children under 12 years of age enables families to be sure they only see the best of the web they choose to allow.
  • Glubble Altered Search makes Google and Yahoo show results from childrens trusted Glubbleworld instead of the world wide web.
  • Child friendly look and feel with interfaces for pre-reading and reading age young children.

If you are interested in this tool, feel free to check their home page.

So far it looks very interesting.

Opera’s New Advertising Strategy? OperaMini vs iPhone

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If you haven’t seen this video yet, be sure to do that.

Maybe that could mean war, here’s a Steve Jobs quote about iPhone:
“it is the full Internet in your pocket for the first time.”Of course, Opera wasn’t happy about that, as their Opera Mobile already do that. So they “complained” a bit, later that day Steve Jobs responded (quote):
“I apologize. I should have been more specific. Our products will be the first to allow normal, non-loser people to do these things.”Also, according to Apple, Safari 3 for Windows is much faster than Opera or Firefox. Of course, this seemed to be not so true.Well… I think that Opera is no longer a “quiet” browser. They’ve responded with a funny video about Opera Mini and iPhone. They are trying to get as many attention as possible now instead of just spreading word via it’s community. I am glad that they’ve changed the way in which they promote products. I am also almosut sure, that Apple will create something similar to this against Opera too. Maybe that means war. We will see in the future. As for now I am really happy with things they are doing now. They want attention in any price.
See Mom, we’re not a small company and we came to beat our competitors. So stop ignoring our browser, as we are here now.

Firefox Developes Patches 25% Faster

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According to Mozilla Security blog, Firefox developes various patches 25% faster than in the previous year.

It took only 8 days to release since was released and 6 days to release Firefox since release.

I would like to congratulate whole Firefox team for doing such a great job and providing users latest updates in so short time.

Other web browsers should learn from that. When it comes to security
and updating, they become the most important factors for a successful web browser.

Webware 2007 Browsing Winners. Firefox, Opera, IE…

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Congratulations to all the webware 2007 winners.

Firefox won the 1’st place, second was Opera, third: Internet Explorer
and 7’th was Safari.

Opera Mini 4 (Beta) Review and First Impressions

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First thing that I’ve noticed right after passed tests (less than in previous version) and accepted terms was a bit changed interface.

Once I’ve opened my first web page(, noticed that Opera Mini doesn’t show me Google logo, even I have checked to load images. I am sure this will be fixed soon or I just have to change some settings, asking Opera team…

Opera Mini 4 Beta Screenshot

Another nice thing is … a mouse! So far overall reating besides one bug (it’s a beta!) is really great. Nice smooth scrolling, “X marks the spot” feature which knows where you want to read :-) Power scrolling, new zoom features and much more. Some people complained that this versons hangs up a lot, maybe it’s due their phone, as I am using Siemens SXG75 and have no problems with this Opera Mini 4 Beta beauty.

It’s another browsing revolution in mobile phones world.

Love it. Keep up a good work.

Update: when viewing Favorite Browser web page with “Fit to width” unchecked, some text goes out of the it’s place. And continues to show up not in the white, but in the grey menu background.

Opera Mini 4 Dimension (Beta) Released

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WOW. Finally.

Grab your phone and download it now.

Steps: Open in your mobile phone and click donwload.

I’ve just installed it and there are so many cool things around here.

What are the new features? Check them here.

Also, check this cool video. Opera Mini vs iPhone.

You can also read my first impressions here.